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Bankruptcy is a challenging process with many rules and requirements. You'll need to consider the long-term impact and the specific legal requirements you'll have to meet. 

That's why you need an experienced attorney by your side through it. Count on us to help you. You can get through these difficult financial times.

Let our experienced attorney help you through bankruptcy. You can count on us; we have 30 years of experience. You'll get local representation from a compassionate attorney. We return your call within 24-hours. Contact James Zerillo today.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Service

  • Liquidate any unprotected assets
  • Discharge most of your unsecured debt
  • Stop creditors from calling
  • Freeze foreclosures, judgments, and liens
  • Most consumers keep their property
  • Gives you a fresh start
  • Often ideal for those with few assets

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing

  • Reorganizes you debt
  • Protects all of your assets
  • Stops foreclosure
  • May allow mortgage loan modifications
  • Repay some debt over 3 to 5 years
  • Discharge remaining debt
  • Can stop tax liens and sheriff sales
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